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RLY200 Louvre Roof System

RLY200 Landscape1
RLY200 Landscape2

Creating elegant and functional outdoor spaces are what Locarno Louvres are all about. A motorised Locarno Louvre Roof System is the essential element to enable year round enjoyment of your outdoor space.

Locarno offers three louvre profile options. The RLY200 was developed for extended spans in extreme environments with high wind and snow loads. At 40mm thick and 200mm wide it achieves extended spans without compromising on aesthetics.

The louvres are fitted within a structure , typically comprising the proprietary Locarno 220x50 aluminium RHS beams and posts. This system has been fully engineered for New Zealand conditions and span tables are available on request.

PS1's are available as and when required by councils for building consent applications is one of three LOCARNO louvre roof systems.

For quality, elegance and functionality, the Locarno Louvre Roof Systems provide the perfect solution for creating outdoor spaces you can enjoy.

Technical Specs

RLY200 Single Bay Louvre Roof

RLY200 Double Bay Louvre Roof